Labrador Cargo supports Nordic Safari Club´s

“Project Conservation”
As you all know the hunt worldwide is under attack in medias, social medias and some places even on the hunt directly. A lot of these sayings are unbelievable and incorrect. Unfortunately, there are many attacks and they come more and more often. We all have an interest in defending our hobby and the nature. That is important when we meet people face to face, but also when someone else is standing up for us.

Defending a case like this for all of us in public is not cheap. It costs a whole lot more than most of us have. But if we all put in just a little, I believe we can make a difference.

Nordic Safari Club has started an initiative they call “Project Conservation”

Chairman Christian Jensen gives us a few lines about the project.


Nordic Safari Club has founded a professional international communication centre. The purpose is to make the hunt visible by communicating proven information about sustainable hunting.


Among others will following tasks are planned:


  • To collect, prove and share data
  • Publish articles
  • Expose the hunt proactively in medias and debates
  • To respond quickly to public attacks on the hunt
  • To establish international networks of medias, politicians, experts, hunters and organisations.
  • To create a corporation between different entities with the same goal
  • To establish information on different languages
  • To inform and educate hunters on “good behaviour” online

 Nordic Safari Club has agreed that Jens Ulrik Høgh will be the front figure of the project.



Labrador Cargo will support this project. We will, as an experiment, charge Euro 15,00 on every invoice we send to a client. These funds will be passed on to Nordic Safari Club. The line is called “Hunters Voice”. Of course, we will add to the project ourselves and we will add 15% on every Euro we collect.


Please note that it is entirely up to the client, if he wants to support the project. If not, you simply pay 15 Euro less and we will credit the amount.


We hope that you all will embrace this initiative with us.


All the best wishes from Denmark


Marlene Jürgensen

Owner and founder

Labrador Cargo