Hunting trophies

We are specialists in shipping hunting trophies

Import of your trophies

You only have to use the trophy tags, and handing it over to the chosen taxidermist.

What we do

  • We get in touch with the taxidermist
  • We apply for CITES permits through the relevant Nature Agency
  • We contact vets and any relevant Veterinary and Food Agency
  • We notify border agencies
  • We submit to border checks
  • We undertake transport by road, ship or air
  • We take care of customs clearances
  • We provide correct insurances
  • We deliver to your home address

In brief, you don’t need to worry about anything apart from where your lovely trophy is going to hang!


We export your trophy from all of europe!

We are happy to assist with exports from Europe

We arrange collections from any location in Europe and dispatch by air freight.
In general, we have talented and dedicated agents throughout the world so we can always offer guidance regarding the completion of any necessary documents for specific countries. Each country has their own particular import legislation and we will help you through the whole process.


Your trophy is insured throughout the journey!

If the damage happens

Should your consignment get lost in transit, the insurance amount will be paid directly to you. Should a damage occur to a trophy, during transportation, the insurance will cover repair at a taxidermy shop. Damages must be reported to us at the receipt of the crate. Not visible damages must be reported no later than after 7 days from delivery.

Why insure your trophy?

On a long journey unintended thing can happen. Luckily it is extremely rare, but there is always a risk of damage, or even worse, loss on. We of course wish to be upfront, and we have secured the corporation with the best insurance providers on the market.

That is why our insurance will cover your consignment all the way from the taxidermist to your home.

What expenses can be insured?

You can insure following costs: Trophy license, taxidermy work, packaging and freight. The premium is 0,75%.

Please note that some export agents do provide their own insurance solution, for which we cannot answer.

Contact us and get a quote!

Is there anything you’re not sure about or would like an answer to? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!