Specialists in shipping hunting trophies

We move trophies from all over the world to the whole of Europe.

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At Labrador Cargo we have a clear vision of being the leading transporter of hunting trophies in Europe.

You shoot – we collect

We make it easy for you so that you only have to focus on the thrill – namely the hunt.
We handle the rest.

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Personal contact with the customer is important to us – both before and during transportation.


We have many satisfied customers – read what they say about us.

Bent Lærche – Denmark

“Kære Marlene.. Tak for din hjælpsomhed i forbindelse med hjemtagning af mine trofæer fra Namibia. Det er imponerende at efter jeg er blevet brændt af hos en anden speditør, at du kan tage over. Nu glæder jeg mig bare til vort fremtidige samarbejde.”

Bo Simonsen – Denmark

“Labrador Cargo sørgede for transporten af skind fra Canada. God løbende orientering og skindene blev leveret som aftalt til konservator Erik Mørch. Fair pris. Fin service.”

Mattias Hilleskog- Sverige

“Hej! Då har min puma från British Columbia, Kanada, nått sitt nya hem:) Tack för all hjälp! PS: även älg-trofén är från British Columbia och även den har Labrador Cargo fraktat! Ha en riktigt bra dag!”

Phillip Grant – Scotland

“Labrador Cargo is a highly professional and friendly company to work with for transporting your hunting trophies. They very quickly and efficiently arranged the collection of my trophies from Namibia and began transporting them back to Denmark. I was kept informed throughout the process so I was in no doubt as to where my trophies were at any time. Once they cleared Danish customs and a through check by Labrador Cargo, they were immediately dispatched to my home address in the Highlands of Scotland where delivery can be lengthy at the best of times. However within a week of leaving Denmark my trophies were hanging on my wall in perfect condition. I would highly recommend Labrador Cargo to anyone considering transportation of their prized hunting trophies.”

Göran Forsgård – Åland

“Käre Marlene! Nu har jag mina trofeér hemma! Allt var helt och rent! Jag tackar Dig så mycket, Du har gett mig bra och vänlig information under “resans gång”! Stort Tack och många varma hälsningar! Ha en riktigt bra vår och sommar!”

Jan Gustavsen – Norsk Jaktformidling – Norway

“Norsk jaktformidling har i mange år bruket et Canadisk selskap til transport av trofeer, men etter at vi har forsøkt Labrador Cargo, er vi i dag stolte av vårt samarbeide med dere. Ikke bare holder dere Norsk jaktformidling løpende orientert, men også de tilfeller hvor dere sender til kunden, blir kunden godt orientert om transportens gang. Derfor en stor takk til dere i Labrador Cargo for et altid godt utført arbeide.”

Urpo och Gun-Britt – Sweden

“Vill tacka dig för all hjälp med våra Trophies. Du håll oss uppdaterade hela tiden. De levererades på måndag. Vi år så glade att de äntligen är hemma. Tack än en gång för god service. Hjärtliga hälsningar Urpo och Gun-Britt

Matz Bolin – Sweden

“Hej Jag heter Matz Bolin. Och har fått hjälp av Labrador Cargo (Marlene D Jürgensen) att importera mina och kamraternas Jakt trofeer från Africa Ett par gånger. Och det har fungerat till 100%. Ända hem til ytterdörren. Man får hela tiden information om leveransläget vilket jag uppskattar. Jag kan varmt rekommendera alla att använda deres tjänster. Med vänlig hälsning Matz Bolin – Sweden”

Arvid - Norge

“Hei Morten.Her er noen av trofeene som kom hjem nå. Og det var meget bra arbeid, så får vi se hva det blir på denne turen. Hilsen Arvid – Norge”

GB – Denmark

“Hi, well I guess you folks have been responsible for most of this getting to my home. He, the leopard looks better hanging on the tree, but it is a great African room, almost as many antiques as trophies.. My wife has informed me that if I bring home either that I could well find myself on the wall. I feel safe as there is no more wall space!!! Thank you for bearing with me and the shipping. It really was all worthwhile.. GB – Denmark”

We are specialists in shipping hunting trophies

Vi flytter trofæer fra hele verdenen til hele europa.

We are specialists in shipping hunting trophies

We move trophies from all over the world to the whole of Europe.

FREE trophy tags

We will be happy to send you tags for your trophies FREE OF CHARGE.

You can always call us

Personal contact with the customer is important to us – both before and during transportation.


Labrador Cargo is registered as a transporter and importer with the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. We guarantee that all transport is undertaken in accordance with current legislation. Furthermore, under SKAT, the Danish Tax Authority, we are one of the few shipping agencies who have permission to clear customs for private individuals. For you, this means that you only receive a single invoice for the entire shipment which includes all relative costs.

With Labrador Cargo we import trophies from all over the world and deliver to the whole of the EU as well as Norway and Switzerland.

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5 pieces of advice when you are shipping trophies

5 quick and easy tips to follow when you wish to have your trophies shipped.

Tip 1.

Have a chat with a shipping agent before you travel. They will know if there are any particular regulations covering the animals you intend on hunting. This may also cover things like CITES regulations, outbreaks of any diseases in the area or possibly other relevant topics of note.

Tip 2.

Participate as far as you possibly can in the skinning and salting of your trophies to ensure it has been undertaken correctly.

Tip 3.

Always remember to tag your trophies. Tags are available free of charge from the trophy shipping agent. Bear in mind that if you don’t actively select a shipping agent then your outfitter / taxidermist will automatically deliver any trophy to the shipping agent they normally work with.

Tip 4.

Get in touch with your shipping agent as soon as you come home. We contact the taxidermist collaborating with our agents at the location of the hunt. We will answer any questions during transit for the taxidermist and will help in the application of various permits so that everything is ready for departure as and when your trophies are.

Tip 5.

Be at home when your trophies are delivered. This is to ensure that they are not left outside, exposed to rain etc. Bear in mind that your shipping agent will call you and let you know when they will be delivered.

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Is there anything you’re not sure about or would like an answer to? Then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!